VIDEO: Curious Shark Checks Out Swimmer Along Florida BeachA woman swimming off the shoreline of Panama City Beach got a bit too close for comfort to a pretty big shark and someone in a nearby hotel captured the close encounter on video.
'It Was Just Beautiful', Divers Encounter Great White Shark Off JupiterIt was a heart-stopping experience for a group of divers when they came face to face with a great white shark.
Texas Man Charged In Pricey Shark-nappingA shark-napping at a San Antonio Aquarium has a happy ending.
Baby Shark Found In A Beach Garbage CanWKMG reports that the carcass of the dangerous sea creature was discovered at Shepard Park on Cocoa Beach on July 3.
Broncos Player Under Investigation For Shark CatchA Denver Broncos player is under investigation after he hauled in a hammerhead shark while fishing off South Florida.
Kayaker Fights Off Aggressive SharkA California man fought off a hammerhead shark while kayaking in Santa Barbara and the 15-minute ordeal was captured on video.
Shark Video Could Spur Legislative ActionAs state investigators seek more evidence from the public about a growing number of videos that showcase abuse of sharks, legislation may be filed that seeks to better define state wildlife laws.
Gov. Scott Disturbed By Video Of Shark DraggingGov. Scott sent a letter to the FWC saying he wants to make sure the state's fishing regulations strictly prohibited "such inhumane acts."
FWC Identifies Men Behind Disturbing Shark Dragging VideoThe men behind that disturbing video of a shark, tied to a speeding boat, and dragged to death, have been identified.
Disturbing Shark Dragging Video Leads To FWC InvestigationVideo of a shark, tied to a boat, and dragged-to-death, is angering tens of thousands of people on social media and has caught the attention of state investigators.
Hammerhead Shark Found Dead In Delray Beach Early morning beachgoers got quite the sight Monday - a large, dead hammerhead shark on shore.