Hillary Clinton Calls For Lifting Cuba Embargo At FIUHillary Rodham Clinton, in Miami on Friday, called on Congress to end the trade embargo the U.S. has imposed against Cuba for decades.
Florida Congressional Delegation Will See Upheaval In 2016 A court ruling tossing out several congressional district maps may cause some upheaval in Florida's representation in Washington, especially for some with presidential ambitions like Florida Senator Marco Rubio.
Rubio Focuses On Cuban Immigrant Upbringing In Vegas TalksFlorida Sen. Marco Rubio says he is indebted to America and running for president is his way of repaying his obligation.
Presidential Candidates To March In July 4th Parades Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush and Senator Marco Rubio along with other presidential candidates will celebrating July 4th in New Hampshire.
Jeb Bush Launches White House BidFormer Florida Governor Jeb Bush is making a run for the White House.
Wasserman Schultz Says Jeb Bush Has Extremist Views On WomenFlorida Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz has some things to say about Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush ahead of his big announcement.
Jeb Bush Releases New Video Ahead Of “Big Announcement”Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush unveiled a web video and a new logo that reads “Jeb 2016” on Sunday – a day before his big announcement at Miami Dade College.
Candidates To Court Romney Network At Exclusive Utah SummitMitt Romney wants to win the White House back, but not by running as a candidate. Instead, other GOP candidates are lining up to win his support in hopes that he gets them to the presidential promise land.
Jeb Bush Has A Big Announcement On June 15thWill Jeb Bush run for president in 2016 or not? We'll know in about a week and a half.
Florida's GOP Primary Could Give A Boost To A Favorite SonFlorida's winner take-all Republican presidential primary may help the White House bids of either former Gov. Jeb Bush or Sen. Marco Rubio.
Rubio's Cash Needs: Run For President, Make Home RepairsSen. Marco Rubio recently cashed out some of his retirement accounts last year. This is because the Republican presidential says he is not poor, but not rich either — and he had some unexpected expenses to account for besides his campaign.