Senate Bill Looks At Testing FalloutA Senate panel approved a revamped version of testing legislation Thursday, potentially paving the way for an audit of the botched rollout of the state's new standardized tests and making clear that school districts would be repaid if the state recovers damages from the contractor running the exams.
Water Not A Commodity For Late Session Bargaining? If the House and Senate can't find common ground on water policy in the next 50 days, then they'll try again next year, House Speaker Steve Crisafulli said this week.
Broward, Dade, Palm Beach County To Resume FSA Testing ThursdayAfter a calamitous day one, followed by two days of throwing up their hands, South Florida school districts - Miami Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach – will hold their breaths and try again tomorrow to boot up a standardized testing system that bombed out of the gates.
Minimum Wage To Top $8, But Debate ContinuesFlorida's lowest-paid workers will get a raise Jan. 1, but a higher minimum wage sought by state and national Democrats doesn't appear on the immediate legislative horizon.
Facing South Florida: Tannie BurkeJim investigates the details of what unfolded the night four plainclothes officers arrested three young men in South Miami-Dade because they thought there was a marijuana cigarette on the ground near them. After we air Jim's report, State Sen. Dwight Bullard joins Jim at the roundtable to discuss the questions the Miami-Dade PD has to answer about that night. They also talk about our marijuana laws and why so many communities have sought to decriminalize pot possession. Proponents say the current laws too often are used to disproportionately give black men criminal records and put them into the criminal justice system.
Facing South Florida: Crist Chooses a Running MateCharlie Crist chooses the head of Miami-Dade’s Democratic Party to become his running mate for governor. What does the selection of Annette Taddeo add to the Crist ticket?