Obama's Cuba Actions Earn Rebuke From Senate CommitteeA symbolic rebuke of President Obama's effort to re-establish diplomatic relations with Cuba sailed through a Senate committee Thursday.
House Panel Backs Abortion Waiting PeriodA House panel Thursday plunged into the legislative session's first abortion debate, approving a measure that would require a 24-hour waiting period before women could terminate pregnancies.
Crist Says He Can't 'Take My Eye Off The Ball' Democratic gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist tried to draw sharp contrasts Thursday with Republican Gov. Rick Scott on issues such as the environment, education and openness --- while also seeking to defuse questions about why he won't appear with Democratic opponent Nan Rich.
Legislators In Favor Of Date Change For Future SessionsThe date for Florida legislators to begin their session could be moved up a bit for 2016.
Senate Tax Cut Plan Still 'Fluid'A Senate committee on Wednesday added two more tax cuts --- a back-to-school sales-tax holiday and a dip in the tax on cable and phone services --- to an already-approved vehicle registration fee rollback in an effort to reach Gov. Rick Scott's benchmark.
Senate Backs Tax Holiday Smaller Than Scott WantsSenators started moving forward Monday with a sales-tax holiday for back-to-school shoppers, but the proposal is a week shorter than requested by Gov. Rick Scott.
'Destination Resort' Gambling Bill Clears Fla. Senate CommitteeA bill paving the way for up to five "destination resort" casinos to open in Florida finally passed the Senate Commerce and Tourism Committee on Tuesday.