Company Pairs Remote Operators With Self Driving Cars
New Video Released Of Deadly Crash Involving Self Driving Uber SUVNew video released of a deadly accident involving a self-driving Uber SUV shows it happened in about a second.
More Companies Getting On Board With Self-Driving Cars As Technology AcceleratesAs self-driving technology accelerates, more car companies are getting on board.
California Puts Brakes On Uber's Self-Driving Car RolloutCalifornia is putting the brakes on Uber's week-long experiment using self-driving cars on the streets of San Francisco.
Hello Waymo: Google's Self-Driving Car Gets A New NameThe self-driving car project started by Google seven years ago has grown into a company called Waymo, signaling its confidence that it will be able to bring robot-controlled vehicles to the masses within the next few years.
Uber Self-Driving Cars Hit The Streets, Not Without Some BumpsUber is rolling out a small number of self-driving cars as part of its ride-sharing service but for now they will only be in select cities like San Francisco and Pittsburgh.
Department Of Transportation Unveiling Plans On Regulating Driverless CarsFederal officials say they see great potential in self-driving vehicles. But they also see potential risks.
Uber Opts For Autonomous Cars To Haul PassengersRide-sharing company Uber will start using self-driving cars on the streets of Pittsburgh soon.
Report: Fiat Chrysler, Google In Partnership TalksThe partnership would be the first to match an automaker with Google's 7-year-old autonomous car project, which is now part of the so-called X lab at Alphabet Inc., Google's parent company.
Experts Say Self-Driving Cars Not Ready For RoadsEngineers and safety advocates are telling the government that self-driving cars are more likely to be a threat than a boon to public safety because of unresolved technical issues.
Government Redefines "Driver" To Include Google Computers In CarsThe federal government's highway safety agency has found that computers that control cars of the future can be considered drivers just like humans.