Former Officer Files Self-Defense Claim In Shooting DeathA former Florida police officer is trying to have some serious charges dismissed.
Miami Judge Rules New 'Stand Your Ground' Law Is UnconstitutionalA Miami judge ruled the update to the controversial "Stand Your Ground" law is unconstitutional. 
Burden Of Proof Changing In State's "Stand Your Ground" LawA change is coming to Florida's "stand your ground" self-defense law.
Florida Could Pave New Changes In 'Stand Your Ground' LawsLucy McBath fears more people will die if Florida's governor signs a bill that would make it harder to prosecute when people claim they commited a violent act in self-defense.
Florida Woman In "Warning Shot" Case Free To Help OthersAn intriguing case involving gun law in northern Florida has come to an end.
Defense Expert: Victim Not Kneeling In Facebook Murder TrialA defense expert says the wife of Derek Medina was likely standing, not kneeling when she was fatally shot.
Man Brings Body Of Neighbor To Lawyer's OfficeIt’s not often when a lawyer sees firsthand what his client claims to have done, but that was the case on Wednesday.
Florida Pastor Shoots Armed Former EmployeeA gunfight broke out between a Florida pastor and an employee after the employee found out he was being fired, according to authorities.
Alleged Shooter Takes Stand In Loud Music Murder Trial A man on trial for a shooting a teen during an argument over loud music has taken the stand in his own defense.
Dunn Not Done, Going Back To Court To Fight Murder ChargeA Jacksonville man accused of killing a teen during a dispute over loud music will be in back in court.
Legislature To Consider Bills Which Tweak State's Gun LawsWhen the state's Legislature convenes on Tuesday there will be several gun legislation bills up for consideration. Florida's gun-friendly laws drew national attention after several prominent shootings.