Orca Dies At SeaWorld OrlandoA 30-year-old killer whale named Kayla has died at SeaWorld’s Orlando park, officials announced Monday.
SeaWorld Raising Starting Pay For Workers At Orlando ParksYou might say it was an early holiday gift for the employees of SeaWorld.
SeaWorld Says Attendance, Revenue Up So Far This YearSome good news for fans of sea creatures and roller coasters.
SeaWorld: Beluga Rescued Off Alaska Thrives At Theme ParkAnother sea creature in danger has found a happy ending thanks to SeaWorld.
SeaWorld Orlando Gets Rid Of VR Goggles On Kraken Roller CoasterThe Kraken roller coaster at SeaWorld Orlando is now virtual reality free.
SeaWorld Will Pay $5 Million To Settle Fraud ProbeOne of the world’s best known animal parks is writing a very large check.
SeaWorld, Former Execs Must Pay $5 Million To Settle 'Blackfish' ClaimSeaWorld and two former executives on Tuesday agreed to pay more than $5 million to settle federal fraud claims that they misled investors about the negative impact the 2013 documentary "Blackfish" had on business.
Seaworld Ditches Plastic Drinking Straws, Shopping BagsSeaWorld parks have ditched plastic straws and plastic shopping bags.
Polar Bear Cub Is Killing The Internet With CutenessSocial media is falling in love with a three-month-old polar bear at Sea World Australia.
Bus Broker Leaves Liberty City Kids StrandedThe Tiny Omega Power and Praise Ministry in Liberty City is a little church that does large work.
Last Orca Born Under SeaWorld Breeding Program Has Died