Doral Scuba Op Accused Of Fraud Shut DownA scuba shop in Doral has been shut down by the state. State Attorney General investigators found Ocean Hunters Inc.and its owner, Abdiel Falcon, intentionally misled people who purchased scuba diving certification courses.
Unique New Dive Site Going Underwater In Deerfield BeachAn amazingly unique new dive site is coming to South Florida.
New Easter Island Themed Reef Making Waves In Deerfield BeachA new and unique South Florida dive site will become a reality this weekend off Deerfield Beach.
Deerfield Beach Readies For New Easter Island Themed Artificial ReefSouth Florida is a diving mecca with beautiful reefs both natural and man-made.
Top Spots To Snorkel For FreeSome of the best spots to go snorkeling are the Pompano Beach Dropoff, Vista Park Reef, Hollywood North Beach Park, Crandon Park and the Yankee Clipper Rocks.
New Device To Scare Off Sharks Now On Sale In Florida While the state of Florida is the well-known shark-bite capital of the world, it’s not necessarily the scariest place to be attacked by a shark.
Scuba Diver Dies Off Plantation KeyA Pennsylvania man died while scuba diving offshore of Plantation Key, Thursday.
Best Scuba Diving SpotsSome of the best scuba diving spots in South Florida are the Jay Scutti Wreck, the Hammerhead Reef, the Sea Emperor Wreck, the Miami Beach Wreck Trek and the Belzona Trio.
Best Scuba Diving Shops In South FloridaSome of the scuba diving operations in South Florida include South Beach Dive and Surf Center, Aquaknots Dive Center, Force E, Pro Dive International and Conch Republic Divers.
Aquatic Adventures Creature Feature Dive!
Fla. Scuba Diver To Go World Record This December A Florida scuba diver who ended his bid to break a world record for the longest saltwater dive after just 12 hours said he will try again later this year.