President Trump Nominates Brett Kavanaugh For Supreme CourtPresident Donald Trump went in front of the nation to announce his pick for the Supreme Court on Monday.
Supreme Court Upholds President Trump's Travel BanA major decision came down in the SCOTUS on Tuesday morning.
Supreme Court Ruling On Internet Sales Tax Could Be Major For FloridaA U.S. Supreme Court decision expanding the ability of states to pull in tax dollars from online purchases could have a significant impact in Florida.
Social Media Reacts To SCOTUS Same-Sex Marriage Ruling While people waited for word on the steps of the Supreme Court Wednesday, others waited by their computers and smart phones, eagerly checking Twitter and Facebook for the latest updates from the nation's highest court on the fate of the Defense of Marriage Act and California's Proposition 8.
Facing South Florida: Donna ShalalaUniversity of Miami President and former Secretary of Health and Human Services Donna Shalala sat down with CBS4's Jim DeFede to discuss the recent Supreme Court ruling on healthcare.
Supreme Court Has Options On Health Care DecisionIn less than 24 hours, the United States Supreme Court will issue its biggest ruling since Bush v. Gore in 2000. The Supreme Court will issue its ruling on the Affordable Care Act just after 10 a.m. Thursday.
U.S. Supreme Court Lets Cuba Travel Case StandThe U.S. Supreme Court on Monday said it will not take up Florida cases dealing with a ban on Cuban travel.
Supreme Court Begins Hearing Fla. Challenge To Health Care LawThe U.S. Supreme Court began hearing arguments Monday morning from a group of states led by Florida arguing that President Barack Obama’s signature achievement, health care reform, is unconstitutional.