Coroner: Florida Teenager Who Made School Threats In Colorado, Sol Pais, Died Before Manhunt BeganSol Pais, the Florida teenager infatuated by the Columbine shooting, had already taken her own life by the time authorities initiated a massive search in Colorado when they found out she was in the state just before the massacre's 20th annual memorial events, according to a coroner's report on Wednesday.
Surfside Teen Sol Pais, Accused Of Making Threatening Statements About Colorado Schools, Is DeadThe massive search for Sol Pais, the Surfside teen who reportedly made threatening comments about schools in the Denver area, is over.
Florida Woman Suspected Of Making Credible Colorado School Threats Lives In Surfside, Still Wanted By AuthoritiesFollowing a lockdown at Columbine High School and other Denver area schools, authorities say they are looking for a woman suspected of making threats.
Teen Accused Of Making Threats Against Miramar School On SnapchatA teen was taken into custody and charged after he allegedly made threats against students at his Miramar school.
Girl, 12, Facing Felony Charge After 'Posting Threats' About Her School On Social MediaA 12-year-old girl is facing a felony charge after Pembroke Pines police said she posted 'threatening posts' about her school on Snapchat.
Boy, 11, Faces Judge After Threatening To 'Shoot Up' Pines SchoolOn Tuesday, a middle school student who made the latest threats against a Pembroke Pines school appeared before a juvenile court judge.
South Carolina Student Accused Of Making Threats Against South Florida SchoolsA South Carolina student was arrested after he allegedly made threats against schools in Broward County.
Judge Tosses Charges Against Girl Who Made Social Media Threats Against Dade SchoolsA judge has dismissed all charges against a girl accused of threatening three Miami-Dade high schools on social media.
Student Arrested For Social Media Threats Against Dade SchoolsThreats against three Miami-Dade schools have been deemed a hoax.
Miramar School Threats Linked To Prison Security BreachThreats against two schools in Miramar have been linked to a security breach at a Florida prison.
Maine Native At Center Of School Threats Hoax ProbeNew developments were made Friday in the search for who was behind the threatening emails sent to schools around the country, including South Florida.