Months Later, IRS Tells Elderly Couple Their Identities Were Stolen The Equifax hack and others like it exposed the personal information of millions of Americans.
Netflix And Chill? Know About This Scam FirstIf you want to Netflix and chill, you might want to know about this scam first.
Con-Artists Taking Control Of Victims' Computers In Tech Support ScamEvery year millions of people fall victim to internet scams.
'They Are Very Convincing,' Says Police After Fake FPL Crew Targets ElderlyA 77-year-old victim is speaking out after the Broward Sheriff's Office issues a warning about elderly people being targeted by two men posing as utility workers.
How To Avoid Becoming A Victim Of Harvey Charity ScamsFlorida's attorney general is asking those who want to donate towards Harvey relief to make sure they don't become the victim of a scammer.
Scam Targeting Elderly Uses Their Grandchildren To Get Money Authorities say a new scam, aimed at senior citizens, is using the 'distressed love-one tactic.' 
Scammers Steal Facebook Profiles To Lure In VictimsEvery year scams cost Americans roughly $50 billion with the Better Business Bureau estimating that one in every four homes is affected.
City Leaders Confirm 8 Attempts To Extort Money In Hoax AbductionsCity leaders confirmed Wednesday there have been eight attempts to extort money from parents in Weston through a scam meant to scare a person into paying up.
Con Artists Getting Creative With This Social Media ScamScam artists can pose as everything from a government official to your cell phone provider. Now some are pretending to be an old friend on social media.
Safety Alert: BSO Warns Of Jury Duty ScamThe BSO is issuing a safety alert after reports are coming in that con artists are posing as deputies for a jury duty scam.
Overpayment Scam Making A ComebackAn old scam is making a comeback. It's called the 'overpayment scam' in which the criminals promise the victims money but end up ripping them off.
Feds, Florida Lottery Warn Of Mega Millions ScamFederal investigators, along with Florida Lottery officials are warning of a scam involving their Mega Millions game.
Warning: Companies Promising To Lower Student Debt May Not Deliver Student loan debt is a growing problem prompting some students to turn to companies that promise to lower monthly payments but authorities say some companies don’t deliver.
Study: Millennials More Likely To Get Scammed Than Senior CitizensCon artists steal millions from Americans every year. But the people most likely to fall for a scam may not be the ones you first think.
Police: Fix-A-Flat Scammers Caught In The ActTwo men are behind bars accused of a deflating scam against South Florida drivers.