SpaceX Launches Satellite From Space CoastSpaceX relaunched the newest version of its Falcon 9 rocket booster from Cape Canaveral early Tuesday morning.
SpaceX's Upgraded Falcon 9 Rocket Soars With SatelliteSpaceX has successfully launched a satellite for Bangladesh using an upgraded Falcon 9 rocket designed for dozens of repeat flights.
Spacex Delays Launch Debut Of Upgraded Falcon RocketSpaceX is scheduled to launch an upgraded version of its Falcon 9 rocket from Kennedy Space Center Thursday, to boost Bangladesh's first communications satellite into orbit.
NASA Launches Last Of Its Longtime Tracking SatellitesWith a "3, 2, 1,,,Lift off" the last of NASA's longtime tracking and communication satellites blasted off Friday morning.
Space Station Supply Ship Honors John GlennA supply ship for the International Space Station honored astronaut John Glenn when it blasted off on Tuesday.
SpaceX Rocket Gives Communications Satellite Boost Into OrbitA SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket flashed to life and streaked away through a deep overnight sky Thursday, boosting an EchoStar communications satellite into orbit.
Spacex Launches Rocket From NASA's Historic Moon PadSpaceX is taking another shot at launching a rocket from NASA's historic moon pad.
Mysterious Blue Lights Over South Florida SolvedThe mystery of the blue streaks of light across South Florida’s sky Wednesday night has been solved. No, it wasn’t a UFO or shooting stars.
Rain Could Delay Launch Of Private Ship To Space StationRain could delay Sunday’s planned launch of a privately owned rocket with a space station cargo ship named Dragon.
SpaceX Rocket Blasts Off For Space StationThe SpaceX rocket, the world’s first private supply ship, took part in a crucial fly-by Thursday near the International Space Station.
SpaceX Rocket Blasts Off For Space StationThe second time was the charm for SpaceX. Tuesday morning they successfully launched their Falcon 9 rocket for a practice run to the International Space Station.