Services Now In Place To Block Those Annoying RobocallsSeveral cellphone providers are introducing a new technology used to get rid of annoying robocalls.
New FCC Standards Could Keep Annoying Robocalls From Invading Your PhoneIt's estimated that by early next year, nearly 50 percent of all the calls you get on your cellphone will be robocalls.
Robocalls Are Running Rampant And There's Little Out There To Stop ThemThese days, when your phone rings, there's a good chance it's an unwanted robocall.
Robocalls Are Getting Smarter But These Apps Can Help Prevent ThemRobocalls are getting smarter but you can stop them with different apps.
Seeking Solutions In War Against RobocallsFCC trying wage war against robocalls.
Lawmakers Pushing For New Tech That Can Block RobocallsLawmakers are pushing for new technology that can block unwanted calls.
Relief From Robocallers Getting EasierIt’ll soon be easier to get the last word when a Robocaller dials your phone.
Broward School District Apologizes For After-Hour Robo CallsThe Broward County Public School District has issued an apology to people who received sleep disturbing after hours ParentLink robo calls late Monday night and early Tuesday morning.
Hollywood Uses Robocalls To Fight Nuisance SignsHollywood Mayor Peter Bober has come up with a unique way to attempt the rid the city of cheap signs plastered all over lawns and corners of busy intersections.
Hialeah Mayoral Candidates Accuse Each Other Of Dirty CampaigningIf you think politics is boring, you haven't seen what they are doing in Hialeah this week.
Mudslinging Mayoral Candidates Angering VotersMiami-Dade County’s mayoral candidates are in the home stretch of their battle for the top office. Thursday, both candidates met in their only debate in South Dade County.