Federal Judge Dismisses Class-Action Lawsuit On Red Light CamerasFollowing the lead of the Florida Supreme Court, a federal judge has dismissed a class-action lawsuit that challenged the way red-light camera programs have been operated throughout the state.
Florida Supreme Court Rejects Red-Light Camera ChallengeFlorida Supreme Court rejects red light camera law challenge.
Supreme Court Eyes Red Light Camera ReviewsWednesday’s arguments in the case centered on the role that American Traffic Solutions, Inc. --- a major player in the industry --- has in handling red-light traffic violations.
City Of Miami Ends Red Light Camera ProgramThe City of Miami’s red light camera program is getting the boot. City commissioners unanimously agreed to end the program.
Florida House Votes Again To Repeal Red Light CamerasThe fight to end the use of red-light cameras in Florida is an ongoing battle.
House To Take Up Red Light Camera RepealThe state's House will take up a bill this week that would ban red-light cameras in Florida.
Red Light Camera Ban Stays In House Fast LaneA House committee overwhelming approved a proposal to ban red-light cameras in Florida, two weeks after a similar measure stalled in the Senate.
Tie Vote Gives Green Light To Red Light CamerasThe annual effort to ban red-light cameras in Florida crashed when the Senate Transportation Committee rejected the idea in a tie vote.
Lawmakers Again Look At Turning Off Red Light CamerasThe latest effort to end red-light cameras got a green light from a House panel Wednesday.
Red Light Cameras Again In Legislative CrosshairsIn what has become an annual debate, a South Florida senator has filed a proposal that would repeal the state's red-light camera law.
Appeals Court Backs Red Light Camera ProgramIn the latest in a series of rulings across the state, an appeals court Friday rejected a challenge to a Pinellas County city's red-light camera program.