Florida Political Committee Raises $4.8 Million In December For Recreational MarijuanaHurrying to submit enough petition signatures to get on the November ballot, a political committee raised more than $4.8 million in December for a proposed constitutional amendment that would allow recreational marijuana use.
‘Make It Legal Florida’: Over 65% Of Florida Voters Want Recreational Marijuana LegalizedFlorida voters may be weighing in on whether the state should legalize recreational marijuana for adults over the age of 21.
Nearly $1.1 Million Flows In For Florida Marijuana EffortA political committee trying to put a proposal on the 2020 ballot to legalize recreational marijuana received nearly $1.1 million in October.
Canada Legalizes Recreational MarijuanaCanada is only the second country in the world -- and the first G7 nation -- to implement legislation to permit a nationwide marijuana market.
Californians Line Up For Legal Recreational MarijuanaThe start of the new year meant 'green Monday' for some people in California.
Quarter Of Cancer Patients Use Marijuana To Treat Symptoms, Study FindsAbout one-quarter of cancer patients have used marijuana in the past year. 
California Voters Approve Recreational MarijuanaCalifornia voters approved a ballot measure Tuesday allowing recreational marijuana in the nation's most populous state.
Miami Lawmaker Wants To Legalize Recreational Pot UseAmid a long-running debate about legalizing medical marijuana, a South Florida lawmaker wants to go a step further and allow the recreational use of pot.