Raul Castro's Daughter: His Successor Might Surprise CubansThe country could be surprised by the person who succeeds Cuban leader Raul Castro, or so his daughter says.
Florida's Governor Urges Raul Castro To Bring Change To Cuba Florida Governor Rick Scott sent a letter to Cuba's president urging him to bring freedom and democracy to the island.
Raúl Castro: Out Of the Shadow Of His Big BrotherFor decades Raul Castro worked in the shadows, eclipsed by his charismatic and ruthless older brother, Fidel. But in those shadows Raul helped shape and run the Cuba that Fidel built.
The Early Life Of Fidel CastroTo understand how Fidel Castro became the man that he did, it helps to look back on his childhood.
Fidel Castro's Children Both Supported & Opposed Cuban LeaderMuch like the people of Cuba, Fidel Castro’s own children range from worshipping him to wanting nothing to do with him. His family also stretches all the way to the halls of the United States Congress.
Fidel Castro Grew Up Surrounded By SiblingsFidel Castro grew up surrounded by siblings, some from his parents and some from his father's first marriage. And just like many other Cubans, some members of Castro's family fled after the revolution and settled in South Florida.
Former Cuban Leader Fidel Castro Dead At 90 Fidel Castro’s revolution was fought in the mountains of eastern Cuba, and ended six years later when U.S.-backed dictator Fulgencio Batista fled the island.
Top Cuba Diplomat: Obama Trip Positive, Created MomentumCuba's top diplomat on U.S. affairs says President Barack Obama's trip to Cuba advanced the normalization of relations between the Cold War foes and created momentum for more cooperation on agriculture, medicine and law enforcement.
Archbishop Of Havana Steps DownThe Catholic archbishop who was instrumental in the warming of relations between the U.S. and Cuba has stepped down.
Renowned Cuban Pro-Reform Economist Fired As Chill Sets In One of Cuba's most renowned advocates for economic reform is out of a job for allegedly sharing information with Americans without authorization, among other violations.
Raul Castro Remains Head Of Cuban Communist PartyCuban leader Raul Castro will remain head of the Communist Party for another five years.
Raul Castro Presents Grim Outlook On Cuban ReformCuban leader Raul Castro delivered a grim report on the state of the country on Saturday, saying that the communist bureaucracy had failed to implement most of the hundreds of changes the ruling party launched five years ago to stimulate the stagnant centrally controlled economy.
Exclusive: One-On-One With Alan Gross, Pt. 3As the impact of President Barack Obama's historic visit to Cuba continues to unfold, Chief Investigative Reporter Michele Gillen spoke exclusively with Alan Gross, the American contractor who had been held prisoner in Cuba for five years.
Local Groups Compile Lists Of Political Prisoners After Castro’s CommentsLocal groups compile lists of political prisoners after Raul Castro’s comments.
Obama: "The Embargo Is Going To End."President Barack Obama and Cuban leader Raul Castro stood side by side talking about what the future looks like when it comes to renewed relations between both countries.