Historic Transition Time In Cuba As Raul Castro Prepares For SuccessorFor the first time in the lives of most Cubans, a man not named Castro is set to take over the leadership of the Communist-run island nation.
Raul Castro Expected To Name Miguel Diaz-Canel New President Of CubaA big day is expected in Cuba on Wednesday, though some think its just for show.
Raul Castro Stepping Down A Day Earlier Than PlannedCuban leader Raul Castro plans to step down a day earlier than originally planned.
Raul Castro Nominated For Cuba's ParliamentCuba's nominating commissions have chosen their candidates for their next parliament - the group which will select the island nation's next president this year.
Raul Castro Is Not Stepping Down Yet, Elections Postponed Cuban leader Raul Castro is not stepping down as planned. Here's why.
One Year After Fidel Castro's DeathIt was one year ago that former Cuban leader Fidel Castro died. His death sparked celebrations in the streets of Little Havana and days of mourning in Cuba but what has changed, if anything, since then? 
Facing South Florida: Trump To Announce Cuba Policy ChangePresident Trump is expected to be in South Florida next week to announce a new Cuba policy.
Raul Castro's Daughter: His Successor Might Surprise CubansThe country could be surprised by the person who succeeds Cuban leader Raul Castro, or so his daughter says.
Florida's Governor Urges Raul Castro To Bring Change To Cuba Florida Governor Rick Scott sent a letter to Cuba's president urging him to bring freedom and democracy to the island.
Raúl Castro: Out Of the Shadow Of His Big BrotherFor decades Raul Castro worked in the shadows, eclipsed by his charismatic and ruthless older brother, Fidel. But in those shadows Raul helped shape and run the Cuba that Fidel built.
The Early Life Of Fidel CastroTo understand how Fidel Castro became the man that he did, it helps to look back on his childhood.