Staying Connected & Saving Lives: How Lifeline Has Helped Those In NeedThe Lifeline program helps millions of low-income households by providing them with discounts on wireless or landline phone service.
Myth vs. Fact: Common Misconceptions About The Lifeline ProgramHere are the most common misconceptions about the Lifeline program.
Cost Savings & Peace of Mind: Benefits Of The Lifeline ProgramThe Lifeline program helps ensure that low-income individuals and families in every part of the United States have affordable access to phone service.
The Lifeline Program Through The Years: From Origins To The PresentHaving access to telephone service is essential in order to contact potential employers, reach emergency services and stay in touch with family members. Not everyone can afford this, though.
Travelers To Travel Agents Affected By U.S. Ease On Cuba RestrictionsThe U.S.'s ease on travel and trade restrictions has had an effect on South Florida’s travel industry from those boarding the planes to those selling the tickets.
U.S. Announces New Cuba Trade, Travel RulesFederal officials announced changes to travel and trade restrictions for Cuba which have been in place for over 50 years.
Keidel: NFL Divisional Playoffs PredictionsWe love the NFL because it's mostly a meritocracy, which brings us to the divisional round, the top shelf of football delicacies.
Think Cuban-Americans All Think Alike? Think AgainAnyone who thinks Cuban-Americans think alike on Cuba hasn't taken a close look at the community lately, poet Richard Blanco says.
Two Arrests Made In Fatal Shooting Of Well-Liked PastorTwo men have been arrested in connection with the shooting death of a pastor who friends and family say spent his life ministering young people, and helping those in-need.
The Miracle in Merritt's PondWhile working on our series we learned in cave diving there is really no such thing as a rescue. If something goes wrong, it's up to you to fix it. If you can't fix it, a cave diver will eventually recover your body. We heard over and over again there are no rescues. Except for that one guy, in that one place, who pulls off the miracles in Merritt's Pond.
Caves: A Christmas Day TragedyThursday CBS4 televised the first report of a series focused on Florida's cave diving community. Over six months our special projects unit studied the industry extensively. We took cave diving classes and even dove into a number of caves. We set out to take our viewers closer to the sport than ever reported, by being the first television news station to go into caves. It meant putting the reporter and photographer through all the paces. The end result was a better understanding of the sport in all aspects of reporting, shooting, and editing.