Issa Asad Explains The Future Of The Lifeline Program: 30 Years And CountingIssa Asad, the CEO of Dania, Florida’s Q Link Wireless, is one of the many advocates for the Federal Lifeline Assistance Program.
Becoming Part Of The Lifeline Program: Eligibility And EnrollmentThe benefits of the Federal Lifeline Assistance Program are available to people in every state, and to those who meet the program’s requirements. Those who are eligible can apply through an approved Lifeline service provider.
Keeping In Touch Through Lifeline Cell Phone Service: Plans And FeaturesThe Federal Lifeline Assistance Program originally only provided discounts on traditional landline phone service. Once the Lifeline program was updated to include wireless phone service in 2005, many eligible low-income Americans were able to receive discounts on their cell phone bill.
The Role Of USAC: Managing The Lifeline ProgramAlthough the Federal Lifeline Assistance program was established by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), they do not actually manage it. The program’s management is handled by the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC).
Staying Connected & Saving Lives: How Lifeline Has Helped Those In NeedThe Lifeline program helps millions of low-income households by providing them with discounts on wireless or landline phone service.
Myth vs. Fact: Common Misconceptions About The Lifeline ProgramHere are the most common misconceptions about the Lifeline program.
Cost Savings & Peace of Mind: Benefits Of The Lifeline ProgramThe Lifeline program helps ensure that low-income individuals and families in every part of the United States have affordable access to phone service.
The Lifeline Program Through The Years: From Origins To The PresentHaving access to telephone service is essential in order to contact potential employers, reach emergency services and stay in touch with family members. Not everyone can afford this, though.