Cable Companies Look To Raise Cost For Heavy Internet UsageHeavy Internet users may see their prices rise as cable providers continue testing a new business model that charges customers based upon the amount of data they use.
Atty Gen. Bondi Activates Price Gouging HotlineShe urges Floridians to report any suspected price gouging during this declared State of Emergency.
Proposed FPL Rate Hike Triggers Mixed EmotionsBecause fuel costs are expected to go down in 2013, so consumers should not see higher bills. However, outside factors could push fuel prices up, meaning the new rates would impact wallets.
Third Quarter May Show Growth For Local EconomyAs the global economy continues to sputter, there could be some good news on the horizon for the South Florida economy.
Fighting Food Inflation At The Grocery StoreYou're in the checkout line at the supermarket and you're buying the same foods you buy every week. So why is your grocery bill growing? The culprit is food inflation.
Gas Prices Rising, Could Reach $4/Gallon By SummerIf you haven’t already noticed, prices at the pump are on the rise and gas prices are expected to go even higher this year, possibly as high as $4 a gallon or more during the summer.
Tropicana Raising Juice PricesTropicana said Tuesday it will be raising the price of some of its juices by upwards of 8 percent to try and deal with high costs due to the cold weather that hit Florida’s citrus crops this winter.
Tomato Crop Can't Catch-Up To PricesPull into a drive-through at Wendy’s or Checker’s lately and you’ll be greeted with a sign that if you want tomatoes, you have to ask for them. The reason behind the change is because tomato prices are skyrocketing.
Oil Executive Predicts $5 Gas By 2012The former president of Shell Oil now says that Americans may end up paying $5 per gallon by the beginning of 2012.
Shopping? Watch Those Price ScannersHow do you know, as you rush through your Christmas shopping, that the scanners virtually every store uses are clicking off the right price?
Busch Gardens, SeaWorld Raise PricesIf you're planning a trip to Busch Gardens in Tampa or SeaWorld in Orlando, it's going to cost you more. Both parks have bumped up their prices.