Miami's Adrienne Arsht Center To Host 2nd Presidential DebateIt's official - a presidential debate is coming to Miami.
Dems Make Pitches To Voters During Fiery Presidential Debate In MiamiThe second group of 10 Democratic candidates made their pitches to voters during the second televised presidential debate in Miami on Thursday night.
Candidates Clash Over Health Insurance, Economy During First Democratic Debate In MiamiAmericans got a glance of the first 10 of 20 Democratic presidential hopefuls during Wednesday night's televised debate in Miami.
Miami To Host Democratic Presidential DebateEfforts by the Florida Democratic Party to hold a presidential debate in the state have paid off.
Students Square Off In Mock Presidential DebateTeachers at a Hialeah Gardens high school are doing their part to make sure their next generation of voters are prepared for what that means.
Facing South Florida: Preview Of Second Presidential DebateA closer look at the history of Early Voting and why we shouldn’t refer to it as Election Day anymore and really refer to it as Election Weeks.
Opinion: Early Voting Is Getting RidiculousNow, this early voting trend that is sweeping the country is getting as ridiculous as being gifted for Christmas or one’s birthday 35 days in advance. There is much “shifty” benefit for the Democrats since they’re pushing for it.
Lynn University Begins To Get Back To NormalStudents are attending classes, but things are still not quite back to normal at Lynn University. The rush is on to break down all the infrastructure put in place for the third and final debate as quickly as possible.
Obama Pushes "Romnesia" In Delray BeachFresh off the heels of what many pundits say was a victorious debate performance, President Barack Obama made a campaign stop in Delray Beach before heading back to the swing state of Ohio later in the day.
Opinion: A Mad, Personal-Attacking, Interrupting Obama Loses Third Presidential DebateRomney won this debate in more ways than one – most impressively due to his dignified style.
Opinion: In Clear Victory Obama Shows Romney Isn't Ready To Be Commander-In-ChiefWhat was most clear tonight, though, is that Mitt Romney has no idea how the world works and the Office of the President is no place for on the job training.