Powerball Jackpot Hits $600 MillionWhat could you do with $600 million? The fiscally intoxicating thought may turn into a reality for someone on Saturday when the next Powerball drawing is held.
Powerball Jackpot Hits Whopping $475 MillionYou can pretty much bet that lottery machines across the state are going to smoking over the next few days.
No Big Winners, Lotto & Powerball Jackpots Roll OverFlorida Lotto and Powerball players are hoping they'll have better luck this Wednesday to win lots of cash as the jackpots for both games have rolled over
Big Winners In Lotto, PowerballBig winners all around in Saturday night’s Florida Lotto and Powerball drawings. Someone who bought a Lotto ticket in Florida is the state’s newest millionaire and a ticket, sold in Illinois, won the Powerball jackpot of $50 million.
$2 Million Powerball Ticket Sold in South FloridaTwo tickets will share the record breaking Powerball jackpot of $579 million, but unfortunately neither of those tickets was sold in Florida.
Powerball Jackpot Hits $200 MillionWhat could you do with $200 million? If you’re lucky, that’s how much the Powerball lottery jackpot will be for Saturday’s drawing.
Powerball Ticket Prices Increasing SundayIf you hope Powerball will make you rich, you'll have to pony up more to take a chance. Starting Sunday, the price of a Powerball ticket will double, but the wizards behind the game claim it will be worth it because the odds of winning will go down.
Powerball Ticket Prices Increasing In 2012While the chances of hitting the Powerball remain distant, the cost of even competing in the Powerball is going up on January 15. Tickets for the multistate game will double to $2 starting January 15, according to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.
Lucky Ticket Hits $60 Million Powerball JackpotOne ticket matched all five numbers and the Powerball number in Saturday night’s drawing to win an estimated jackpot of $60 million dollars. Unfortunately, it was sold in Pennsylvania – not Florida.