Florida's Orange Crop In 'Free Fall'The outlook for production of Florida oranges, the state's signature crop, continues to drop.
House Proposes $17.9 Million To Combat Citrus DiseaseThe fight against a disease infecting Florida's oranges would get a hefty boost from a House spending proposal.
State's Citrus Crop Could Be Lowest On RecordThings are not so sweet for Florida's orange growers. The U.S. Department of Agriculture have downgraded the state's orange crop forecast for this season.
USDA Predicts Bigger Florida Orange Crop Even in the wake of the citrus greening epidemic, Federal agriculture officials are predicting an increase in Florida oranges for the upcoming growing season.
Florida Researchers Find Temporary Citrus Greening CureCaptain Citrus might be the new hero mascot of Florida oranges, but it’s a group of university researchers devising a plan to save the groves from a deadly disease.
Marvel Comics Creates New Captain CitrusMarvel Comics transformed the original fat-headed, green cape-wearing Captain Orange into a buff hero who can fight evil with the likes of Captain America.
Invasive Insect Threatens Iconic Florida CitrusFlorida may not be able to own up to its popular nickname the ‘Orange State’ anymore.
Florida's Orange Production Declining Florida's Orange crop this year is looking to be the lowest harvest in 24 years.
Canker Puts The Squeeze on LA Citrus GrowersA disease known around the world, but only recently prevalent on Florida citrus trees in the United States has now shown up in a second state.
Foreign OJ Ban Could Limit Sunshine State Production, Raise PricesConsumers may be looking at an increase in the price of orange juice after the Food and Drug Administration said it would stop all shipments of foreign orange juice at the border, and turn back any who test positive for the fungicide Carbendazim.
Farmers Prep For Crop Damaging Cold TempsGovernor Charlie Crist has declared a state of emergency to relax restrictions on getting harvested crops moved to processing centers before the cold kills them.