Florida Gets Almost $62M For Opioid FightFlorida has been awarded $61.7 million to help fight opioid addiction, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services announced Wednesday.
Organ Donations From Overdose Deaths Are Saving LivesNew research finds organ donations from overdose deaths are up significantly.
FDA Head Calls For Mandatory Education, Internet Policing To Fight Opioid CrisisNew measures are being looked at as the ongoing fight against opioid abuse continues.
Florida Legislature Passes Bill To Combat Opioid EpidemicGun safety wasn’t the only thing on Florida lawmakers minds this week.
Hospitals Seeing More Opioid Overdoses Than Ever, CDC Report SaysThe latest snapshot of the opioid epidemic shows things are actually getting worse despite the growing national attention.
House Looks To Spend $50 Million On Opioid BattleThe Florida House wants to target $50 million toward opioid treatment and prevention in the upcoming year.
To Fight Crisis,Walmart Giving Away Free Opioid Disposal Kits Retailer Walmart is trying to help curb America's opioid crisis.
Florida County Sees Alarming Increase In Opioid OverdosesA growing national concern has been magnified in an area of its southernmost state.
Florida Lawmakers Want Pain Pill Limits, Surgeons ObjectUnder a fast-moving bill, doctors would be barred from writing prescriptions for more than a 3-day supply of painkillers for most patients.
2 Sent To Prison For Distributing Hundreds Of Opioid PillsSelling illegal substances is never a good idea, especially when the buyers are undercover cops.
Florida's Largest Insurer Not Covering OxyContin To Fight Opioid AbuseFlorida's largest health insurance company will stop covering OxyContin as federal officials are declaring a national opioid overdose epidemic.