Obama's Fundraising Outpacing GOP RivalsPresident Barack Obama’s speech at the University of Miami Thursday serves as only part of the reason he’s coming to South Florida. The other part is to continue trying to raise as much money as possible for his re-election campaign.
Poll Puts Rubio Atop The GOP VP Wish ListThe GOP can't seem to figure out who it wants to head it's ticket this fall, but they still have time to think about who should take the number 2 spot on the ticket. As of Monday, the top choice has a Florida address.
Poll: Santorum's Support Surging Across NationIt appears the Rick Santorum surge is taking hold not just in the Midwest, but across the nation. According to the latest CBS News/New York Times poll, Santorum leads the GOP presidential primary field
Poll: Obama Dominating GOP FieldOverlooked in Florida, Rick Santorum has come storming back in the battle for the Republican presidential nomination. But whoever the candidate the GOP picks may not stand a chance against President Barack Obama.
Romney Campaign Picks Up Momentum With Maine, CPAC WinsAfter losses in Missouri, Minnesota and Colorado, Mitt Romney’s campaign has again picked up momentum after a narrow win Maine's Republican caucuses.
Poll: Santorum Surging In GOP RacePowered by a sweep of two caucuses and a primary on Tuesday, GOP hopeful Rick Santorum is enjoying a national surge of popularity. But, he’s still well behind front-runner Mitt Romney.
Santorum Building Momentum In GOP Nomination FightRick Santorum’s campaign was left for dead after losing in Florida, but the rumors of his demise were premature at best. Tuesday, Santorum swept Mitt Romney in Missouri, Minnesota and Colorado.
Santorum Could Surge TuesdayAfter largely being forgotten in the Florida presidential primary and Nevada caucus; Rick Santorum could have a big day Tuesday as he leads in two of three states hitting the polls.
Poll: Obama Growing Lead Over RomneyPresident Barack Obama’s job approval rating has hit 50 percent for the first time in nearly eight months in a new Washington Post poll that could spell trouble for Republicans in the 2012 elections.
Gingrich Campaign May Challenge Florida ResultsIn 2000, hanging chads and butterfly ballots threw the presidential election in Florida into chaos. In 2012, a challenge to the state's early GOP presidential primary could make for some volatility as well.
Trump Endorses RomneyReal estate tycoon Donald Trump is making waves again in the Republican presidential race, this time it's his endorsement of fellow multi-millionaire Mitt Romney for president.
After Big Florida Win, Romney Looks To Maine, NevadaComing off a big win in the Florida Primary, former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney said Wednesday that the fight for the nomination so far has toughened him for the challenges ahead.
Gingrich Finishes A Distant Second Behind Mitt RomneyNewt Gingrich came into the Florida Primary race with plenty of momentum after easily defeating Mitt Romney in South Carolina. But Gingrich has stumbled badly and it is projected by several news organizations that he will lose Florida’s primary.
Santorum & Paul Ignore Florida Contest, Focus On Nevada Republicans Ron Paul and Rick Santorum ignored Florida's primary and campaigned out the west Tuesday, turning their attention to delegate-rich caucus states and vowing to remain in the presidential contest.
Something Extra: Negativity NightmareWinston Churchill said "democracy is the worst form of government, except for all those other forms that have been tried."