NBA Lockout Deadline PassesThe 5 p.m. deadline for the NBA and the National Basketball Players Association to strike a deal has come and gone; but, the onset of a NBA nuclear winter has not come just yet.
NBA Players Threaten DecertificationIf you were one of the thousands of Miami Heat fans who have been waiting patiently for the Big Three to once again rule the court; you had better hope Saturday’s scheduled NBA talks finally complete a new collective bargaining agreement.
NBA Players Start To Break From Union ArgumentAnother round of negotiations over the NBA lockout is set to take place in New York Thursday. But unlike past meetings, the meeting is amongst the National Basketball Player’s Association as they seek to calm growing unrest in the ranks.
NBA Making Progress On Labor DealFans of the Miami Heat may be closer than ever to seeing the best franchise in the state of Florida play again this season after a marathon negotiating session in New York Wednesday night.
NBA Set To Cancel More GamesLast Thursday, as the NBA negotiations seemed to be making progress, owners submarined any possible deal. Now, the owners are preparing to hit the players, and fans, again.
Details Around NBA Negotiations Leaking OutThe NBA and National Basketball Players Association continue mediated negotiations in New York in hopes of salvaging another season and ensuring South Florida they will again see the Big Three on the court this year.
NBA Lockout Causing Collateral Damage The NBA owners’ lockout of the players is showing no signs of ending after the league canceled the first two weeks of the season late Monday night. But there's collateral damage from the lockout that is impacting people who have no say at the table.
NBA Lockout Reaches Critical MassNegotiators from the NBA and the National Basketball Player’s Association restarted talks in New York with a Monday deadline to avoid cancelling the first two weeks of the season.
NBA Negotiations Hit Critical PhaseThe 2011-2012 NBA season may hang in the balance when labor talks resume Friday in New York.
NBA Set For New CBA NegotiationsThe National Basketball Players Association was supposed to gather in Miami on Tuesday for a union meeting to discuss the ongoing NBA lockout. Instead, the NBPA will be traveling to New York for another round of bargaining sessions.
NBA Players Union: Season Likely CanceledWhen the NFL lockout was in its deepest point, both sides were positive that a deal could be worked out in time to save the season. The same can’t be said of the NBA.