SpaceX Launches Dragon Supply Ship Packed With Christmas Treats & Presents To Space StationChristmas treats and presents are on the way to the International Space Station courtesy of SpaceX’s newer, bigger version of its Dragon supply ship.
NASA: Mystery Object Is 54-Year-Old Rocket, Not An AsteroidIt turns a mysterious object temporarily orbiting the Earth is not an asteroid after all.
NASA Launches New Satellite With Mission To Better Understand Rising Sea LevelsOn Saturday, NASA launched a new satellite into Earth's orbit. Researchers are hopeful the mission will help them better understand rising sea levels.
Historic Mission As SpaceX, NASA Launch New Era In Human SpaceflightA SpaceX spacecraft carrying four astronauts soared into outer space from Cape Canaveral on Sunday evening. 
Astronauts Hope Tropical Storm Eta Doesn’t Delay 2nd SpaceX Crew FlightThe four astronauts part of the second SpaceX crew launch arrived at the Kennedy Space Center on Sunday.
Refrigerator-Sized Asteroid To Zoom Past Earth Just Before Election DayAn asteroid is set to scream past Earth just before Election Day.
NASA: Moon Holds More Water In More Places Than ThoughtFor the first time, NASA scientists have confirmed water on the sunlit surface of the Moon.
NASA Spacecraft Makes Historic Landing On Asteroid 'Bennu' To Collect SamplesA small NASA spacecraft called 'OSIRIS-REx' landed on the surface of an asteroid called 'Bennu' in order to collect samples which will eventually be returned to Earth.
NASA Looking For Companies To Mine Moon For ResourcesNASA is looking for companies to mine the moon for resources.
Some Celestial Bodies' Names Disappear As NASA Drops Racially Charged NicknamesNASA is taking a cue from grocery store items, pro sports teams, and country music bands which have all removed racially insensitive names.
Mission Accomplished: NASA Astronauts Return To Earth In 1st US Splashdown In 45 YearsMission accomplished! Two NASA astronauts returned to Earth Sunday in the first U.S. splashdown in 45 years.
Welcome Back! SpaceX & NASA Make History With Sunday’s SplashdownRiding back to Earth in a SpaceX Dragon capsule, NASA’s Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken marked the first splashdown by U.S. astronauts in 45 years.
Astronauts Begin Final Leg Of SpaceX Test Flight: Coming HomeThey are ready for re-entry. NASA astronauts Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley bid farewell to the International Space Station and departed aboard their SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft, beginning a 19-hour journey home that will mark the final stretch of an historic two-month mission.
Hurricane Isaias Could Delay First U.S. Astronaut Splashdown In Decades On SundayTwo U.S. astronauts hope to return home to Earth on Sunday if Hurricane Isaias allows it, and they will have seasick bags ready to use if needed.
NASA Launches Mars Rover To Look For Signs Of Ancient LifeA Mars rover the size of a car packed with cameras, microphones, drills, and lasers blasted off for the red planet on Thursday.