Starliner Capsule Goes Off Course, Won't Dock At Space StationTrouble for Boeing’s new Starliner capsule Friday. After a United Launch Alliance Atlas 5 rocket successfully boosted the capsule into orbit for an unpiloted maiden test flight, there were problems with a subsequent on-board rocket firing.
Hubble Catches Mysterious Visitor From Beyond, Interstellar Comet, As It Flies Past The SunThe Hubble Space Telescope had a front row seat to capture images of a mysterious visitor from the depths of space. It's the first identified comet to arrive here from another star.
'Space-Time-Continuum': A South Beach Exhibit That's Truly Out Of This WorldYou can safely say private collector Rudolf Budja has an exhibit that is truly out of this world.
NASA Auditors: ‘Significant Safety And Technical Challenges’ Need To Be Solved Before Crew Launches“Significant safety and technical challenges” need to be made before astronauts can fly in private capsules, NASA auditors warned Thursday.
Cargo Ship Brought Cookie Oven, Auto Parts To International Space StationA supply ship docked with the International Space Station on Monday, carrying with it sports car parts, an oven for baking cookies and a vest to protect against radiation.
Astronauts Of 1st All-Female Spacewalk Uplifted By Excitement On EarthChristina Koch and Jessica Meir, the U.S. astronauts who took part in the first all-female spacewalk, are still uplifted by all the excitement down below.
US Astronauts Perform First All-Female SpacewalkA historic first for the International Space Station.
NASA Holds Fashion Show To Unveil Its Newest SpacesuitsNASA unveiled the latest spacesuits they're developing for the next generation of men and women heading for space exploration.
NASA Moves Up 1st All-Female Spacewalk To Fix Power UnitA power system failure at the International Space Station has pushed NASA to move the first all-female spacewalk to this week.
NASA Conducts New Spacewalk As World's 1st Spacewalker Dies In RussiaAstronauts replaced more oversized batteries outside the International Space Station on Friday during NASA's second spacewalk of the week, just as news broke of the death of the world's first spacewalker in Russia.
Astronauts Complete First Battery Swap Spacewalk On ISSAstronauts Christina Koch and Andrew Morgan have completed the first of five spacewalks to swap out old batteries on the International Space Station.