Back-To-School Mosquito ControlLearn how to protect your child from mosquitoes and the diseases they may carry.
Cryptic Breeding: The Secret Life Of The Aedes Aegypti MosquitoWhat makes the Aedes aegypti peskier than other mosquito species? It can breed in some odd places no one would ever think to look.
Aerial Spraying Underway With Mosquito Season LoomingMosquito season appears to be off to an early start as Miami-Dade County Mosquito Control began aerial spraying Tuesday.
From Aedes to Zika: Why Mosquitoes Remain in the NewsIn the news seemingly since January of this year, the Zika virus continues to spread around the globe.
Mosquitoes Have Always Chartered a Course of DestructionMosquitoes are the most significant & dangerous vector of disease in history and responsible for more human deaths than any other animal.
Broward Emergency, Health Officials Talk Zika Preps & PreventionBroward Emergency Management and health officials held a meeting to talk about Zika prevention and preparedness.
Obama Asking Congress For Emergency Funding To Combat ZikaPresident Barack Obama is pushing for more than $1.8 billion in emergency funding to battle the spread of the mosquito-borne Zika virus.
Zika Concerns Has Broward Mosquito Control ScramblingMosquito Control has been bombarded with calls since the governor declared a health emergency in Broward because of the Zika Virus.
Mixed Feelings Over GMO Mosquitoes In The KeysMillions of genetically modified mosquitoes could be released in the Florida Keys if the Food and Drug Administration approves it
Focus on South Florida: Genetically Engineered MosquitoesLiving in the Sunshine State means living with mosquitos. Now those pesky bugs are finding themselves at the center of controversy. Under consideration--- an experiment that would release genetically engineered mosquitos in the Florida Keys. We focus on what that means and why the proposal has people taking sides.
Mild Mosquito Season Thus Far In Miami-Dade It may be pretty hard to believe, but despite all of the rain in South Florida; Miami-Dade County hasn't seen an unusually active mosquito season in 2013. So far.