CBS4 Super Kid Soars Above Adversity To Achieve Dreamhere was a time in life when 18-year-old Michael Williams did not want to look into his eyes, afraid of what he might see. That is no longer the case for this CBS4 Super Kid. Eyes shining with hope, wearing a broad a smile and braces, today he says he is proud to look into a mirror.
Could A Tsunami Hit South Florida?South Floridians know how to prepare for a disaster, after all, we’ve got hurricane season year after year. But in the wake of the devastating earthquake and massive tsunami in Japan, many people are wondering whether a tsunami could strike Florida.
Obama Pushes Education Reform In MiamiPresident Barack Obama arrived in Miami Friday afternoon and spoke to students at Miami Central High School to praise them for their hard work and show the country that it is possible to turn a school around.
Miami-Dade Teachers Take To The Streets To Denounce Merit PaySchool teachers are angry about a proposal—Senate Bill 736—that would put teachers hired after 2014 on one year contracts, effectively eliminating tenure.
Early Voting Began Monday In Alvarez, Seijas Recall Early voting got underway Monday in an election to recall Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Alvarez and Commissioner Natacha Seijas.
Recall Election Gets Green LightThe recall election of Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Alvarez will go forward on March 15th as scheduled, a judge ruled Friday morning.
School Officials Meet To Hash Out Tight BudgetMiami-Dade Schools is expected to face a bleaker financial year. The district blames Governor Rick Scott’s proposed budget which would slash $3.3 billion from the state’s public education.
Wine & Food Festival Big Business For South BeachThere are good spirits all around as the South Beach Wine & Food Festival takes shape. Top flight chefs and wine experts will attract tens of thousand of visitors over the next four days.
Piece Of Ancient History Opens To Public In Modern MiamiThe 2,000-year-old Miami Circle is now officially open to the public.
Political Reality Hitting Budget BattlesThe battle over the budgets is pitting party against party and causing intraparty fights as Democrats and Republicans cut the budget, except in their district.
Braman: Recall Election Is Step OneThe political and city machinery is spinning, but may yet be stopped. That sums up the uncertainty and high stakes in play as a special March 15th recall election takes shape.