Plea Deal Made In Burglary Case That Led To Brewer BurningThe teenager involved in the 2009 burning case of Michael Brewer has taken a plea deal in a burglary case. The crime was a pivotal moment that eventually led to the fiery attack on then-15-year-old Brewer.
Michael Brewer Returns To Court With Judge Ordered EssayDressed in a black shirt and white tie with his grandmother at his side, Michael Brewer was one of the first to show up at drug court in West Palm Beach making sure he was at the hearing that he 'missed' last month.
Judge Orders Burned Teen To "Write" His Wrongs A drug court judge in Palm Beach County wants Michael Brewer to right his wrongs – in writing. The Deerfield Beach teen, who made headline when he was set on fire by his classmates in 2009, was arrested last March on drug charges.
Arrested On Drug Charges, Michael Brewer Out Of Jail A teen who was critically injured when he was attacked by three teens in 2009 and set him on fire has been arrested in Palm Beach County on drug charges.
Sentence Reduced For Teen Involved In Burning Of Michael Brewer One of the three teens involved in the fiery attack on Michael Brewer in October 2009 has had some of his sentence reduced.
Teen Sentenced To 11 Years In Prison In Brewer Burning CaseEighteen-year-old Matthew Bent will spend the next 11 years in a Florida prison for the 2009 burning of Michael Brewer.
Sentencing Date Set For Matthew BentA Broward County judge will hand down the sentence for the alleged ringleader in the 2009 burning of Michael Brewer on December 20.
Judge Denies New Trial In Teen Burning CaseA Broward judge has denied a motion for a new trial for Mathew Bent, a Deerfield Beach teen convicted of taking part in the attack on Michael Brewer who was doused alcohol and set on fire.

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