Miami Proud: Architects Team Up With Middle School For A Creative Course in OpportunityStudents at Henry Reeves K-8  Academy of Applied Technology in North Miami are getting a chance to dream up some new digs at their school.
Miami Proud: Box Joy Program Delivers Family Fun, Highlights Mental Health AwarenessThe Children’s Trust Innovation Fund is supporting unique programs aimed to improve the lives of children across Miami-Dade County, and one of these programs tackles the taboo topic of mental health in African American families.
Miami Proud: Weston Teen's Business Combines Fashion And PhilanthropyStefania Rivas said she was always interested in fashion, but it took the pandemic lockdown last year to light the creative spark in this senior at Cypress Bay High School.
Miami Proud: How Cooking For The Community Became One Couple's Pandemic PivotIn a two-bedroom apartment in Kendall, Lauren and Ken Mason are doing food prep.
Miami Proud: For South Florida's Wheelchair Basketball Team, 'Miami Heat Wheels,' It's All About Therapy & BrotherhoodThere is the NBA, the WNBA and there is also the NWBA- the National Wheelchair Basketball Association, one of the oldest disabled sports organizations in the world.
Miami Proud: Artist Edouard Duval-Carrié's Work Focuses On Haitian People And Its HistoryToday's Miami Proud spotlight shines brightly on contemporary artist Edouard Duval-Carrié, whose work is both a labor of love and a lesson in history of the Haitian people. 
Miami Proud: Miami Bayside Foundation Helps Minority-Owned Businesses Attain 'The American Dream'On a typically busy afternoon at First U.S. Linen in Opa-Locka, machines are humming as workers move huge bins of linens through each stage of the laundering process.
Miami Proud: Coral Gables Doctor Hugh Humphery Credits Work Ethic On Hispanic RootsDoctor Hugh Humphery treats patients for all sorts of mental health issues at his practice, South Florida Integrated Medicine in Coral Gables, or those using telehealth.
Miami Proud: Homestead Miami Mariachi Conservatory Connects Kids To Their Heritage Through MusicSouth Miami-Dade is home to a large Mexican American population including many farmworkers. The Mexican American Council has supported these families since 1984, working to break the cycle of poverty through education and access to the arts.
Miami Proud: The American Museum Of The Cuban Diaspora Shares The History Of Those Who LeftThe American Museum of the Cuban Diaspora opened its doors in 2016 in Miami, and shares the history and culture of the Cuban people who have left the country.
Miami Proud: St. John Bosco Clinic Providing Free Care For Nearly 30 YearsA steady stream of patients comes in for appointments at the St. John Bosco Clinic, as they see 1200 people a year, all of who are uninsured and live at or near the poverty level.
Miami Proud: ReServe Harnesses The Power Of Adults 50 & Older By Providing Job PlacementsMany adults look forward to retirement, but others struggle to find work after 50, and some just want to stay working but part-time.
Miami Proud: On The Front Lines Of The Pandemic With Broward Health Dr. Jean Dominique FoureauDr. Jean Dominique Foureau, or “Doctor JD,” is a first-year emergency medicine resident sharing his path and how he plans to pay it forward.
Miami Proud: Overtown's Green Haven Project Seeks To Educate Folks On Healthier Lifestyle, Nurture A VillageCelina Ishahak is a volunteer with Green Haven Project, a community garden located in Miami’s Overtown, and she gave CBS4 a tour of the produce that is ready to harvest on the site on NW 16 street.
Miami Proud: Fisher House Is A Haven For Families Of Veterans In The HospitalCaring for a loved one who is in the hospital can be stressful and draining. Coming from out of town, even more so.