Miami Beach Police Officer Struck By Another Officer's Vehicle During ArrestA Miami Beach police officer is recovering after being injured on the job by another police officer.
'It's Disgusting': Community Reacts To Antisemitic Flyers Found In Several NeighborhoodsSeveral South Florida police departments are investigating after an antisemitic flyer was found in several residential neighborhoods over the weekend.
Miami Beach PD Investigating After Antisemitic Flyer Found In Several NeighborhoodsResidents are asked to contact their local law enforcement agencies if they have any information on who may have distributed the flyer.
Recognize These Two? Suspect and Witness Identifed In Miami Beach Shooting InvestigationMiami Beach police are looking for a man and woman in connection with a shooting early Saturday morning.
Police Investigate Shooting Inside Miami Beach ApartmentMiami Beach police detectives are investigating a shooting inside an apartment on Washington Avenue.
Police Investigating Double Stabbing On Miami BeachAccording to Miami Beach PD, officers responded to a call of a stabbing in the 7300 block of Harding Avenue just before 6:30 p.m.
Veterans Day Spotlight: Assistant Miami Beach Police Chief Paul Acosta Served His Country & Now Serves His CommunityBefore he was a police officer, Paul Acosta wore a different uniform, as a member of the United States Marine Corps.
Miami Beach Altercation Leads To Man's Bloody Nose, Woman Getting Thrown To GroundAltercation leads to a man getting a bloody nose and a woman getting thrown to the ground in Miami Beach.
Woman Shot In Miami BeachMiami Beach Police detectives are investigating an early Saturday morning shooting.
Miami Beach Police: Man Accused Of Throwing Brick Through Window Where Children Were SleepingMiami Beach police have arrested a man accused of throwing a brick through a window where children were sleeping.
Caught On Video: Serenaded Miami Beach Police Officer Puts On A Show While On PatrolWhat happens when a police officer on patrol comes across a street performer who plays a familiar tune to all sworn members of law enforcement?