Straw Brawl At McDonald's In TampaA man is under arrest after authorities say he grabbed the shirt of a Florida McDonald's employee and tried to pull her over a counter.
Viral McDonald's Pranksters Rewarded With Big CheckA couple of college students are getting paid $25,000 each after pulling off an epic prank at a local McDonald's.
Homeless Man Lands Job At Mickey D's With HelpHe's lovin' it. A homeless man who got some special help is now a proud employee of McDonald's.
McDonald's Is Giving Away Free FriesTomorrow is Friday and we're not just talking about the end of the week.
McDonald's Switching To Fresh, Not Frozen, Beef For Quarter PoundersTaking a page from Wendy's playbook, McDonald's will soon be using fresh, not frozen, ground beef to make their Quarter Pounders.
McDonald's Giving Away Priciest Big Mac Yet, The 'Bling Mac' RingMcDonald's is giving away a pretty pricey Big Mac.
Those Delicious French Fries Could Be Good For Your HairlineThose delicious french fries may be good for you, well, for your hairline. 
McDonald's Cheaper Menu Items Are A Big HitMcDonald's customers are lovin' the new value menu and mobile ordering.
McDonald's Faces Lawsuit For Allegedly Firing Man With Autism For 'Shaky' HandsA Miami woman is fighting mad and fighting back against the fast food giant McDonald’s after her brother, who has autism, was allegedly fired for his “shaky hands.”
Wendys Loses Ground In Burger WarSeems more folks are "Lovin' It" at McDonalds and that has Wendys worried.
McDonald's Expands Their Antibiotic Ban For ChickenMcDonald's is another step closer to going antibiotic free.