Second Florida Pot Initiative Goes Up In SmokeFor the second time in two months, the Florida Supreme Court on Thursday rejected a proposed constitutional amendment aimed at allowing people to use recreational marijuana.
Lose Something? Packages Of Cocaine Keep Washing Ashore The Florida KeysSouth Florida may have warm weather and beautiful beaches, but it also has an infamous drug trade which keeps popping up, literally, along the coast of the Florida Keys. That's because packages of cocaine keep washing ashore the Florida Keys.
Florida House Panel To Weigh Pot PotencyA Florida House panel Tuesday will take up a controversial bill that would make changes in Florida’s medical-marijuana laws, including limiting the amount of euphoria-inducing THC in marijuana products.
Debate Over Pot Potency Flares Again In Florida House Of RepresentativesAs the number of medical marijuana patients in Florida continues to skyrocket, Republican lawmakers are again exploring whether to impose caps on the level of euphoria-inducing THC in cannabis products.
New US Laws Coming In 2021: Virus Aid, Minimum Wage, Legal WeedWhile legislatures tackled some elements of the coronavirus outbreak this year, most sessions had ended before the current wave of cases, deaths and renewed stay-at-home orders.
US House Of Representatives Passes Bill Decriminalizing Marijuana At Federal LevelThe House of Representatives has approved legislation that would decriminalize marijuana and seek to "address the devastating injustices caused by the War on Drugs."
Study: Marijuana Use During Pregnancy Linked To Psychotic-Like Behaviors In KidsIf you're one of the growing numbers of women who use weed while pregnant, think twice: A new study found it may increase psychotic-like behaviors in children.
Coast Guard Offloads $228 Million In Cocaine, Marijuana At Port EvergladesThe U.S. Coast Guard made a massive drug drop off at Port Everglades Thursday morning.
Coast Guard Offloads $26 Million In Cocaine, Marijuana Seized At Sea At Port EvergladesNearly $26 million in cocaine and marijuana will not make it to the streets of South Florida or anywhere else thanks to the U.S. Coast Guard.
Bales Of Marijuana Wash Ashore In MarathonNearly half a dozen marijuana bales were found near the Marathon shoreline Thursday.
Florida Recreational Pot Supporters Fire Back On New LawWith a hearing next week in the Florida Supreme Court, backers of a proposed constitutional amendment that would allow people to use recreational marijuana are disputing arguments by the state Senate that a new law should help block the ballot initiative.