Record Number Of Manatees Killed By Boaters In 2019It's manatee season across Florida, a time when boaters are supposed to slow down for the gentle sea giants, but some folks just aren't following the rules which led to deadly results.
Rescued Manatee Named 'Bingley' Released Back Into Florida WatersAfter completing its rehabilitation, a rescued manatee has been released back into Florida waters.
Manatee Rescued After Being Injured By Boat Is Released Back Into WildA manatee is back in the wild, months after being injured by a boat.
Miami Seaquarium Returns 'Twizzler' The Rescued Manatee Back To The WildTen rescued sea turtles and three manatees arrived at the Miami Seaquarium this week for rehabilitation as the marine park said goodbye Thursday to Twizzler the manatee, who was returned to the wild.
Wayward Manatee That Traveled To Cape Cod Has DiedA South Florida manatee who gained fame nearly a decade ago after making its way to Massachusetts has died.
Manatee Stuck In A Life Jacket RescuedAfter hours of trying, Florida Fish and Wildlife crews finally pulled a manatee in distress out of the water.
Rehabbed Manatee Ready To Go HomeAfter a few months of rest and rehab at the Miami Seaquarium, Commandyr the manatee is going home.
Rehabilitated Manatee Returning To The WildThe Miami Seaquarium is returning a rehabilitated manatee to its natural habitat Tuesday.
Snooty, Oldest Florida Manatee In Captivity, Dies At 69The longest-living manatee in captivity, named Snooty, died Sunday, a day after a huge party to celebrate his 69th birthday, according to the South Florida Museum.
Young Manatee Cut Up By A Boat Is Saved And Brought To MiamiHelp has arrived for one of Florida’s beloved aquatic animlas.
Manatees Making A Comeback: Downlisted From Endangered To ThreatenedHoly (sea) cow! Manatees are making a comeback.