Detecting Breast Cancer EarlierNew technology is offering new hope to some women with breast cancer. It's a type of mammography that can provide earlier diagnosis, and that has the potential to save lives.
Getting A Second Medical Opinion OnlineA 25-year Johns Hopkins study has concluded that diagnostic mistakes are most costly and do more harm to patients than surgical or medication errors. That stunning finding is one of the reasons a new telemedicine service was created right here in South Florida. CBS4'S Brian Andrews introduces you to
Study Disputes Value Of Routine MammogramsA Canadian study that many experts say has major flaws has revived debate about the value of mammograms. The research suggests that these screening X-rays do not lower the risk of dying of breast cancer while finding many tumors that do not need treatment.
3-D Breast Imaging Comes To South FloridaMammography has gone hi-tech. Just like movies and televisions can be seen in 3D, so too can breast exams. For now, CBS4's Cynthia Demos tells us there's only one place in all of South Florida to get a 3-D mammogram.
Celebrities Push For Increased Breast Cancer AwarenessBreast cancer, like any other disease, can happen to anyone and celebrities are certainly not immune. Many stars of the big and small screen have come together to push for increased breast cancer awareness.
Broward Health Unveils Mammo-palooza MadnessMammo-palooza has returned to South Florida in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
Mammogram Parties Cure Breast Screening FearsIf you are afraid to get a mammogram, but love to go to a party, then it might be time to have a mammogram party! The idea is to gather your friends and have fun getting the necessary breast cancer screening
Komen: Mammogram For Women With Dense Breast TissueMore than 200,000 women a year are diagnosed with breast cancer. The earlier a woman is diagnosed with the disease the better her chances of surviving it.
Miami Women React To New Mammogram GuidelinesWomen are suffering through another round of mammogram confusion thanks to more new guidelines.
Komen: Study Reveals Women With Insurance Not Getting MammogramsA new study has revealed only half of the women, aged 40 to 85, who were supposed to be getting a yearly mammogram, and actually did receive one. Surprisingly, the women didn’t get the mammogram even when they had insurance to cover the cost.
Komen For The Cure: One Patient's Alternative TreatmentGetting a breast cancer diagnosis is heartbreaking for the patient and her family. But finding out that breast cancer is especially aggressive just adds to the stress. In today's Komen for the Cure, one South Florida is getting an alternative treatment that works on her particular cancer.