Lobster Mini-Season Gets Off To A Slow StartLobster mini-season got off to a slow start at the stroke of midnight.
Time To Get Crackin’; Lobster Mini-Season Starts SoonSouth Florida divers and lobster lovers will soon be hitting the water for the state’s annual two-day lobster mini-season.
Lobster Mini-Season UnderwayScattered showers didn't stop hundreds of South Florida boaters and divers from hitting the water at the stroke of midnight as the state's two day lobster mini-season got underway.
Lobster Mini-Season Gets Underway WednesdayThousands of divers, snorkelers and hungry 'bug' hunters will hit the water Wednesday for the kick off of the state's two day sport lobster season.
Lobster Mini-Season Comes To An Uneventful EndAn uneventful lobster mini-season has come to an end and now the commercial lobster season begins on August 6th.
Murky Start To Lobster Mini-SeasonIt's time to start boiling the water and melting the butter. Lobster mini-season officially got underway at a midnight.
Safety First As Divers Prepare For Start Of Lobster Mini-Season Lobster mini season kicks off Wednesday at 12:01 a.m. prompting local leaders to celebrate as well as authorities to remind the public of the rules.
Rules & Safety Come First For Lobster Mini-Season In KeysDivers planning on heading south for the two day lobster mini-season this week should take some time to familiarize themselves with do's and don'ts of bug hunting in the Keys.
Remove 10 Lionfish, Get Extra Lobster During Mini-SeasonEvery year hundreds of boaters and divers take part in South Florida’s popular two-day lobster mini-season but this year, you’ll get a little something extra if you remove 10 lionfish from the water.
Lobster Mini-Season Closing Thursday Night The two-day lobster mini-season ends Thursday night at 11:59 p.m. While the mini-season is coming to a close, the regular recreational lobster season runs from August 6th through March 31st, 2015.
Lobster Mini-Season Off To Deadly Start In BrowardThe two-day lobster mini-season got off to a deadly start in Pompano Beach.