Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Likely To Get Environmental Money In Upcoming SessionGov. Ron DeSantis appears poised for a victory as he seeks environmental money to combat water-quality problems that plague the state.
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis' Budget Would Trim ‘Earmarks’Florida lawmakers got another message to expect a lean year for bringing home budget bacon.
'Fetal Heartbeat' Bill Filed For 2020 Florida Legislative SessionState Rep. Mike Hill, R-Pensacola, will make a renewed attempt during the 2020 legislative session to pass a “fetal heartbeat” bill that would dramatically limit abortions in Florida.
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis To Sign ‘Sanctuary Cities’ BillGov. Ron DeSantis will sign legislation Friday to ban so-called sanctuary cities in Florida, a proposal that was one of the most controversial issues of the 2019 legislative session and a top priority of the governor.
Florida Legislature Tackles 'Most-Controversial Insurance Issue' of 2019The Florida House is expected Thursday to approve a bill that would revamp a controversial insurance practice.
Florida Legislative Measure Blocking Teen Abortions Moves ForwardFlorida could block teenagers from getting abortions unless their parents agree, under a bill that began moving forward Tuesday in the Republican-dominated House.
Gov. DeSantis Gets Legislative Support For Environmental ProjectsGov. Ron DeSantis would get nearly all the money he’s requested for environmental projects in an initial House budget proposal for next year.
Florida Bill Addresses Sexual Misconduct At Health Care FacilitiesFlorida could require every health care facility in the state to put in place a policy mandating employees report acts or suspected acts of sexual misconduct involving patients.
Florida Lawmakers Begin Annual 60-Day Legislative SessionThe Florida Legislature is beginning its 60-day session Tuesday with new legislative leaders and a new governor.
Bill Would Let Florida Students Be Excused From Jury DutyMany full-time students in Florida could be excused from serving on juries, under a proposal filed Tuesday for the 2019 legislative session.
Florida Legislature Kicks Off Annual SessionThe Florida Legislature kicked off its annual 60-day session on Tuesday morning.