YouTube DoctorMeet a South Florida doctor who actually videotapes his surgeries, then posts them for people to watch all over the world.
Ritalin ShortageShortages of drugs for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) have patients and their families on a hunt for pharmacies that have those drugs in stock
Fake ID DangersWhat was once a right of passage for underage students wanting to get into bars has now become a national security threat.
Shopping Shakeup The biggest luxury brand names are moving around for the first time in decades – Lisa Petrillo helps you find out where and when.
Electric Cars They offer you the promise of “Going Green” and never having to buy gas again. But as CBS4 Investigator Al Sunshine reports, new Electric Cars may be heading into South Florida, but there’s still a big problem trying to use them.
One on One with Jim LeyritzFollowing on the heels of Joe Paterno’s downfall, Michele Gillen interviews another champion athlete who went from tickertape to tragedy.
Speaking for the DeadMichele Gillen spotlights a local medical examiner who recreates the deceased’s final moments in an effort to uncover the circumstances that led to their demise.
Who’s Watching You?
Near Mid-Air Collisions
Disabled Vets ScamThey claim to have fought for our freedom. But are the men in military fatigues asking for money on local street corners… really American soldiers raising cash to help disabled veterans?
Drug ShortagesImagine being told your young son or daugher has cancer but there are no chemotherapy drugs available to treat your child. Or you are faced with the scenario that finds you need to have surgery, but the hospital has to first search for anesthesia?