Lauren's List: Cash In On Your Spring Cleaning Throw AwaysSpring is here and that means many of us are doing some Spring Cleaning.
Lauren's List: Unhealthy Effects Of Binge WatchingDo you binge watch TV? If you watch more than two episodes of a show in one sitting, then the answer is "yes".
Lauren's List: Making Social Media A More Positive PlaceThere is a lot of negativity on social media sometimes, but today's "Lauren's List" has some tips for making your social media a more positive and inspiring place to be.
Lauren's List: Daylight Saving Time MythsThis weekend, we "spring forward". That means we lose an hour of sleep.
Lauren's List: Thinking About Quitting Coffee? There Are Going To Be A Few Side EffectsToday's "Lauren's List" breaks down some of the side effects of quitting coffee!
Lauren's List: Libraries Have More To Offer Than Just BooksFebruary is National Library Lover's Month.
Lauren's List: Tips To Cut Down On Junk MailIf your mailbox looks anything like mine, it's mostly filled with junk.
Lauren's List: Super Bowl Fun Facts You May Not Know Have you heard? The Super Bowl is this Sunday.
Lauren's List: Benefits Of HandwritingToday, January 23rd, is National Handwriting Day.
Lauren's List: Texting Don'tsMore than six billion text messages are sent in the U.S. every single day.
Lauren's List: Benefits Of Donating BloodIf your New Year's resolutions include "helping people", then you might want to consider blood donation.
Lauren's List: Realistic New Year Resolution SwapsWe're only two days into the new year and I'm betting some people have already fallen off the resolution bandwagon.
Lauren's List: Rules For Re-GiftingThe Christmas cheer has barely worn off but already people are preparing to send back some of what Santa sent them.
Lauren's List: Tips To Keep The Kids From Becoming Greedy GrinchesYou know the saying, "It's better to give than to receive." Sometimes, kids need to be reminded.
Lauren's List: Common Holiday Money MistakesToday's"Lauren's List" is breaking down some of the common money mistakes we all make around this time of year and how to fix them so you're not feeling like the Grinch come January.