Lauren's List: Breaking Down Common Sleeping MythsWhen you're an early riser sleep is a precious commodity. The Calm App has gained popularity recently for helping people meditate and get a more restful night's sleep. And now Calm is trying to bust some common sleeping myths.
Lauren's List: Are You Smarter Than You Think?How smart are you? It's a question most of us probably feel a bit uncomfortable answering.
Lauren's List: Summer Swim Safety TipsSwim safety is top of mind in the summer months.
Lauren's List: Be Polite, But Not 'Too Polite'Kids are taught from a young age to be polite. 
Lauren's List: South Florida Temperatures Are Heating Up, Watch Out For The Dangers Of Extreme HeatWe've been feeling the heat here in South Florida and it's only June!
Lauren's List: Zoo Miami Fun FactsJune is National Zoo and Aquarium Month and we have both in South Florida.
Lauren's List: Four Food Habits To KickWe want to eat more whole foods and less processed stuff, right? But sometimes, in an effort to live our healthiest lives, we're actually going against the advice of nutritionists.
Lauren's List: Tips On How To 'Tip'Tipping can be tricky. Some people default to 20 percent all the time, but financial gurus say that's not always necessary.
Lauren's List: Drinking Too Much Coffee Has Its Side EffectsCoffee, for many people, is a required function.
Lauren's List: Improving Your Posture Can Improve Your HealthMay is "Correct Your Posture Month".
Lauren's List: Tips For Making A Child's Trip To The Doctor EasierTaking a child to the doctor's office is rarely a fun experience.
Lauren's List: Things We Do That Suck The Life Out Of Cell Phone BatteriesMost of us have been there before. It's nowhere near the end of the day, but your phone is already flashing less than 10 percent battery.
Lauren's List: Mistakes We Make That Hurt The EnvironmentWe all try to do right by the environment by recycling but it's little things we're doing, or not doing, daily that could have a negative impact.
Lauren's List: Summer Vacation SwapsIt's only spring, but summer is right around the corner. And that means summer vacation!
Lauren's List: Take A Walk, It's Good For YouThe first Wednesday in April is dedicated to celebrating the benefits of walking.