'Don't Ignore Us, We Are Real!': Women Want Answers From FDA About Breast Implant Illness, Local Doctor May Eliminate Procedure CompletelyBreast implants have long been the bread and butter for plastic surgeons in South Florida, but one local doctor plans to completely eliminate the procedure from his surgical rotation because of implant illness concerns.
St. Thomas University Enters The Future Of Sports With First eSports TeamSt. Thomas University is about to kick off a brand new football program this summer, but that's not the only new 'sport' recruiting players on campus.
Miami Proud: High School Documentary Preserves Holocaust Survivor StoriesOne day there will be no Holocaust survivors left to tell their stories. For the first time, public schools are teaming up with a national non-profit organization to change that narrative.
Lauren's List: Things We Do That Suck The Life Out Of Cell Phone BatteriesMost of us have been there before. It's nowhere near the end of the day, but your phone is already flashing less than 10 percent battery.
Do Salt Caves Provide The Cure For What Ails You?Salt caves are the newest trend in holistic health therapy treatments and CBS4's Lauren Pastrana checks it out in Pembroke Pines.
Mentoring Matters: The Powerful Bond Between An Aspiring Actor And His Mentor Prepares Him For The Biggest StagesDarius J. Manuel plays many roles. At the Florida Children's Theatre in Fort Lauderdale, he's a teacher and director. But he's also a student.
Lauren's List: Mistakes We Make That Hurt The EnvironmentWe all try to do right by the environment by recycling but it's little things we're doing, or not doing, daily that could have a negative impact.
Lauren's List: Summer Vacation SwapsIt's only spring, but summer is right around the corner. And that means summer vacation!
Mentoring Matters: 'Executive Pass Program' Allows Execs To Share Expertise With StudentsA statewide program is pairing school principals with local business executives to benefit students.
Lauren's List: Take A Walk, It's Good For YouThe first Wednesday in April is dedicated to celebrating the benefits of walking.
Lauren's List: Cash In On Your Spring Cleaning Throw AwaysSpring is here and that means many of us are doing some Spring Cleaning.
Lauren's List: Unhealthy Effects Of Binge WatchingDo you binge watch TV? If you watch more than two episodes of a show in one sitting, then the answer is "yes".
Lauren's List: Making Social Media A More Positive PlaceThere is a lot of negativity on social media sometimes, but today's "Lauren's List" has some tips for making your social media a more positive and inspiring place to be.
South Florida 4-Legged Hero Stars In New Film 'Superpower Dogs'South Florida's newest movie star has four legs and fur, and she has dedicated her life to saving others.
Lauren's List: Daylight Saving Time MythsThis weekend, we "spring forward". That means we lose an hour of sleep.