Fantasy Fest Masquerade Marchers Roam Key West StreetsFantasy Fest is one of the biggest events of the year in Key West.
Fierce & Fabulous Fantasy Fest Headdress BallContestants in huge, lavish masks and headdresses -- some towering far higher than their wearers -- made "headlines" at Key West's Headdress Ball.
Party Animals Have Howlin' Good Time At Fantasy Fest MasqueradeDressed-up dogs, costumed cats and other pets unleashed their "animal magnetism" on an open-air stage at the Fantasy Fest Pet Masquerade in Key West.
Thousands Of 'Zombies' Parade On Bikes In Key WestMore than 6,500 eerily costumed zombies, known as "the walking dead," abandoned pedestrian power for bicycles Sunday, during Key West's offbeat annual Zombie Bike Ride.
Key West Fantasy Fest Kicks Of Friday With Coronation BallKey West's wacky and sometimes-decadent Fantasy Fest kicks off Friday with a coronation ball to crown the 10-day festival's king and queen.
Miami Man On Bike Busted For Drugs In Key WestFailure to stop at a stop sign landed a Miami man in jail in Key West for drug possession.
VIDEO: Rare Sight As Loggerhead Sea Turtles Hatch & Make Beeline For Ocean In Key WestRare video of newly hatched loggerhead sea turtles emerging from their nest in Key West and making a beeline for the water.
Culinary Experts Dispute Cookbook Author's Claim That Key Lime Pie Not Invented in Key WestCulinary experts in the Florida Keys are irate about a cookbook author’s claim that Key lime pie was not invented in the island chain.