Hassan Whiteside Could Be In Play For Trade, Says Ira Winderman"I think this is the first time that Hassan (Whiteside) is really in play," Winderman said.
Will The Miami Dolphins Draft A First Round QB? Omar Kelly Weighs In"If they don't re-sign Matt Moore, it leads you to believe that they are going to be going after a quarterback in the early rounds."
Jim Larranaga: Miami Needs Veteran Guards To Step Up"Our three veteran guards: Bruce Brown, Jaquan Newton, and DJ Vasiljevic, have really not had great starts to the ACC Conference race."
Braxton Berrios Shares His Favorite Memory As A Miami Hurricane“My favorite memory as a Cane was probably the win this year over FSU," noted Berrios. "Notre Dame is a close second because of my convicts celebration in the end zone.”
Drew Rosenhaus: I Can't See The Dolphins Without Jarvis Landry"Players make mistakes but [Landry's] overall body of work is just tremendous," Rosenhaus said. "I can’t see the Dolphins without him."
Miami-Dade Mayor Explains Tennis Tournament Move To Hard Rock Stadium"He is, in my opinion, one of the most unreasonable people I've ever met in my life," Gimenez said of Bruce Matheson.
Mark Richt Explains Rosier Benching, Turns Page To Clemson"I have a lot of faith in Malik, but on that specific day we were leaving touchdowns and a lot of yards on the table."
Hurricanes' Braxton Berrios Embraces Miami's 'Bad Guy' Role In Notre Dame RivalryEven though none of the current Hurricanes players are old enough to have lived through the golden era of Miami vs. Notre Dame football, they are very aware of the history. 
Joe Rose, Zach Krantz and Omar Kelly React To Ajayi To Eagles TradeJoe Rose: "I didn’t see that one coming. He's a young running back, and I thought he ran hard the whole time behind that offensive line. A fourth round pick for a 24 year old running back?
Miami Heat Roster Could Be Deepest One Spoelstra Has Coached, Says Eric Reid"It's as deep a team, maybe, as Spo has ever had," Reid said Tuesday on The Joe Rose Show. "I don't think he's going to try and force ten guys in. He's good about the feel."
Mark Richt Admires Rosier's Toughness, Big Plays From Miami Hurricanes Offense"Malik, he did a bunch of really great things," head coach Mark Richt said on the Joe Rose Show, Monday on 560 WQAM. "One thing he probably did best was just standing in there. Protection is not always perfect."