Judge Said Surfside Collapse Families Will Receive $150 Million InitiallyThursday marked four weeks since the partial collapse of the Champlain Towers South.
Vickie Cartwright Named Interim Broward School Superintendent To Replace Robert RuncieThe Broward County School District has a new interim superintendent. Thursday, the School Board voted to hire Vickie Cartwright.
Miami-Dade County Officials Urge Those Unvaccinated To Get COVID VaccinesWith the number of COVID cases in South Florida continuing to rise, and hospitalizations increasing, county leaders are urging people to get the COVID vaccine.
Jackson Health System Upgrades COVID-19 Threat Level To 'High', Changes Visitation PolicyCOVID-19 cases and hospitalizations are up across South Florida, leading Jackson Health System to upgrade its COVID threat level to ‘high’ at most of its facilities.
Surfside Deals With ID Theft; Hearing Held To Help Families Of Condo CollapseOf all things, Surfside is dealing with identity theft, as lawyers are beginning to hash out what becomes of that property.
Surfside Condo Collapse: Push To Recertify Buildings Every 30 YearsAs recovery work winds down at the Surfside condo collapse pile, the investigation into how and why it happened is heating up.
Surfside Mayor Charles Burkett Reflects On The Past 21 Days Since The Condo CollapseThursday marks three weeks since the Champlain towers south crumbled in the middle of the night, likely transforming the small town of Surfside forever.
Judge Approves Sale Of Surfside Collapse Property To Compensate VictimsResidents of the Champlain Towers South collapse in Surfside, will be compensated sooner rather than later, if a judge has his way.
Surfside Collapse Survivor Finds Starting Over Isn't EasyFor the fortunate who survived the collapse of the Champlain Towers South in late June, getting basic help early on was simple.
Day 17 Surfside Condo Collapse: Additional Victims Recovered, Death Toll At 86Recovery efforts at the site of the Champlain Towers South collapse in Surfside continued overnight Friday and into Saturday morning.
Condo Collapse: Building Experts Begin Taking A Closer Look At Champlain Towers NorthIt will be a while before we know what brought down the Champlain Towers South, but Surfside’s mayor isn’t waiting to make sure there isn’t a repeat along the beach.