Miami Proud: Jimmy Ryce Center Provides Bloodhounds To Law Enforcement For 25 YearsRemembering Jimmy Ryce 25 years ago this week. Jimmy’s parents Don and Claudine Ryce created a legacy in Jimmy's name in the hopes that no parent go through what they did by creating the bloodhound network.
Miami Police Department Welcome New Bloodhound From Jimmy Ryce CenterThe Miami Police Department introduced the newest four-legged officer on the force on Wednesday afternoon.
20th Anniversary Of Disappearance, Death Of Jimmy RyceAs the nation marks the 14th anniversary of the terrorist attacks of September 11th, the date is one of special remembrance for one South Florida family for personal reasons.
Bloodhounds Used In Search For Escapees Bloodhounds that are donated by the Jimmy Ryce Center are the same breed as those being used to search for escaped prisoners in New York.
Exclusive: Officer's Uncle Says Officer Heartbroken Over Dogs' DeathsDavie and Hialeah police are looking into the deaths of two police dogs that were being cared for by a Hialeah police officer.
Graduation Day For Newly Trained Police BloodhoundsSeveral South Florida law enforcement agencies will soon have some new four-legged officers on the force. Thursday, four bloodhounds and their trainers are graduating from the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office Bloodhound Academy.
CBS4's Gary Nelson Witnesses Execution Of Ryce's Killer CBS4's Gary Nelson witnessed the execution of the Jimmy Ryce's killer on Wednesday night.
Jimmy Ryce's Father Warns Other Child Predators Following Chavez's Execution Almost 19 years ago, the Ryce family was changed forever at the hands of Juan Carlos Chavez when he took the life of 9-year-old Jimmy Ryce. At 8:17 pm Wednesday night, in front of Jimmy Ryce’s father, brother and several other witnesses, Chavez was executed by lethal injection.
Jimmy Ryce's Killer ExecutedJuan Carlos Chavez, the man who raped, murdered, and then dismembered the body of 9-year-old Jimmy Ryce received the state of Florida's ultimate punishment Wednesday when he was executed.
How Jimmy Ryce's Killer Spent His Final HoursAs Juan Carlos Chavez, the convicted killer of 9-year-old Jimmy Ryce, awaits his 6 p.m. scheduled execution at Florida State Prison, he has a detailed schedule that he will follow Wednesday morning and afternoon.
Miami Archdiocese Prays For All Involved In Chavez ExecutionAs the family of Jimmy Ryce wait for the execution of his killer, Juan Carlos Chavez, a special prayer service was held by the Archdiocese of Miami at St. Martha’s Catholic Church for both the Ryce family and the convicted killer.