Facing South Florida: Carnival PollutionJim DeFede focuses on the ongoing criminal case against Carnival Corporation as the company continues to face questions about polluting the seas.
A Year To Remember: The Florida ConnectionsAsk any reporter in the Sunshine state and they will swear the following statement is true: No matter what the story, there is almost always a Florida connection. And that was certainly true in 2019.
A Year To Remember: Florida PoliticsIn Florida, 2019 was the political equivalent of sorbet - a palate cleanser, of sorts - between the heated politics of 2018, which saw contentious races for Governor, Senate, and Congress, and next year’s brutal battle for President.
Facing South Florida: School SafetyA state grand jury last week issued an 18-page report showing that many of the new laws enacted after the Parkland shooting have not been carried out.
Facing South Florida: Cuba DeportationsThis year, more than twice as many Cubans have been sent back to the island where they face an uncertain future.
Facing South Florida: Impeachment InquiryJim DeFede discusses the latest developments in the Trump impeachment inquiry with former U.S. Attorney Guy Lewis.
Facing South Florida: One-On-One With Hallandale Beach Mayor Joy CooperJim DeFede sits down with the newly-reinstated mayor of Hallandale Beach, who had been removed from her position in January 2018 by then-Gov. Rick Scott the day after her arrest.
Law Enforcement Source: 19 Officers Fired Into UPS Truck, Could Exceed 200 RoundsA senior law enforcement source has shared startling statistics about the shootout between several law enforcement agencies and two armed robbers who led them on a two-county chase Thursday afternoon.
MIA’s Forgotten Workers: Eulen Hit With OSHA FinesEulen America, the company hired by the major airlines to load and unload luggage from their planes as well as clean the aircrafts between flights, has been cited by the Department of Labor for numerous serious workplace violations at Miami International Airport.
Facing South Florida: MIA Worker ProtestsAs Jim DeFede has reported on over the course of this year, the workers at our airports are often mistreated and facing troubling conditions.
Facing South Florida: One-On-One With Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman SchultzJim DeFede and the congresswoman go in depth on the Trump impeachment inquiry hearings and other topics.