Baton Rouge Braces For Isaac As It Trudges NorthTropical Storm Isaac just won't leave. The storm is moving at a slow six miles-per-hour and every second that it sits over southern Louisiana is another second of rain and high winds that the area just doesn't need.
Louisiana Officials May Breach Parish Levee To Relieve PressureAfter hours and hours of being pounded rain from Hurricane Isaac, Louisiana officials are considering intentionally breaching a levee in a flooded area.
Tropical Storm Kirk Gains Strength, Still Poses No Threat To LandTropical Storm Kirk strengthened some while swirling away in the eastern Atlantic Ocean, but continues to pose no threat to land.
T.S. Isaac Blitzes Louisiana With Flooding RainsAfter pounding coastal Louisiana and southern Mississippi for hours with torrential rain and gusty wind, slow moving Isaac has lost some of its oomph and has been downgraded to a tropical storm.
Republicans Use President's Words To "Build" A Case Against HimThe Republican party is trying to capitalize on a single line of a lengthy speech President Barack Obama made in Roanoke, Virginia to rally the faithful and those on the fence.
Gov. Scott To Make Key West Stop WednesdayFlorida Governor Rick Scott hastily added a trip to Key West to his schedule Wednesday, hoping to draw attention to the fact that the city wasn't heavily damaged by Tropical Storm Isaac.
At RNC, Romney's Sons Aim To Endear Dad To Delegates The Romney brothers, Ben and Craig, spoke to Florida delegates at the Republican National Convention on Wednesday.
Post "Isaac" Gas Price-Gouging Widespread?