No Criminal Charges In Prisoner's Death In ShowerThe State Attorney will not file any criminal charges in the controversial death of a mentally ill prison inmate.
Sheriff's Office: Jail Inmate's Death Was Not SuspiciousAuthorities say the death of an inmate at a Tampa Bay-area jail does not appear to be suspicious.
Family Wants Answers In Inmate's Death At Dade Correctional InstituteThe Dade Correctional Institute. It is considered by many as one of Florida’s most troubled prisons.
Inmate Found Hanging In Jail CellAn investigation is underway after an inmate in Sarasota County's jail was found hanging from the ceiling early Monday morning.
Woman Dies While In Custody, Investigation Underway An investigation is underway after a woman died while locked up in a Miami-Dade jail on Wednesday.
66-Year-Old Inmate Found Dead In Sarasota Jail A jail inmate was found dead in his cell on Saturday, according to Sarasota authorities.
Exclusive: Warden Says He Was “Fall Guy” In Inmate’s Death When inmate Darren Rainey died an excruciating death in a scalding hot shower at the Dade Correctional Institution, allegedly being punished by guards, Jerry Cummings was the warden. Cummings, in his first on-camera interview, told CBS4's Gary Nelson he was made the scapegoat after Rainey's death was revealed this year in an expose by The Miami Herald.
Corrections Dept. Reforms In Wake Of Scalding Death Of Dade Inmate In the wake of a death of Miami-Dade mentally ill inmate who died after being left in a scalding hot shower at the Dade Correctional Institution, the state's Department of Corrections is set to announce new reforms to protect those in the custody of the state.
Assaulted Inmate Reported Dead At Dade CorrectionalAn investigation is underway at Dade Correctional Institution after a fight between two inmates left one inmate dead.
Emails Detail Days After Inmate's Gruesome Death At Dade PrisonEmails sent by Jim Cumming, the former Dade Correctional Institution, in the days after a mentally ill inmate's scalded body was found in a puddle of water in a shower provide very few details about what actually happened.
"Forgotten Floor" Inmate Dies At HospitalAn inmate on the ninth floor of the Miami-Dade County Jail has died at the hospital.